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    Applied Music

    Music is an art and a cultural force which is capable of elevating the quality of living in the home, the school, and the community. It appeals to the aesthetic, emotional, spiritual and physical nature of the child and is adaptable to every age and to every degree of mental and physical development. Music can make important contributions to the objectives of general education and has come to be recognized as an essential part of the school curriculum.

    The overall music program of the school should be planned with a wide range of  opportunities and activities in order that the best interests of all pupils may  be served. Schools in New York State are urged to provide four avenues of approach to music education: regular courses of study, performance ensembles, all-school music activities, and private music study.

    The term applied music, in a broad sense, covers all musical performance. Its counterpart is theoretical music which is the study of music itself as a language of expression. It is largely through performance that we acquire the lasting enjoyment of music through developing skills as well as musical knowledge.

    It is through participation and performance that one gains many other individual and social values which are unique to this art. Satisfying and rewarding participation in a musical activity is possible and desirable for the great majority of high school students. These activities will range from the recreational and non-technical to the highly selective and skilled performing groups and soloists.

    The New York State Applied Music Plan

    Private music study has been recognized as a legitimate phase of secondary education in the schools of New York State since the early 1920’s. For many years, the plan of accreditation has remained essentially unchanged. Pupils have been allowed to earn credit by taking private music lessons from qualified teachers outside of the school. The responsibility for approving the private music instruction, the requirements and the course of study rests with the local school authorities. In Scarsdale, the contact is Ms. Lisa Forte, the District Coordinator of Music and Performing Arts.

    Student Objectives of Applied Music Study

    • To improve solo performance
    • To become a more valuable member of music groups
    • To become familiar with more of the world’s best music
    • To use music for the enjoyment of leisure time
    • To develop special musical talents
    • To build a better foundation for a career in music