6th Grade House Seminar
    This new and exciting course will be presented during a 10 week quarterly class.  It is designed to aid in the transition from elementary school to middle school.  Each seminar will be taught by your child's House Counselor.  This course will consist of alternate day lessons and activities revolving around the following topics:
    • Getting to know yourself and others
    • Study/Organizational Skills
    • Empathy
    • Developing healthy relationships and character education
    Students will receive a "S" (Satisfactory) grade in this course which is based on class attendance and participation.  There may be occasional homework to enhance or supplement in-class activities. 
    Students will be required to bring a writing utensil and a two pocket folder to class.
    We look forward to meeting your children and getting to know them throughout the year.
       Sima Cass
       Michael Divino
       Michael Wiliiams
       Emma Wixted