• Heathcote Elementary School
    May 2013
    Book of the Month:
    Wemberly Worried
    By Kevin Henkes
    Dear Heathcote Family, 
    Worry is something we that we all do. Some of us more than others. This book could very easily be called Mrs. Stile worried, and worried and worried.   As a natural born worrier I very easily relate to Wemberly. Worry is a by-product of fear. During my childhood I faced some of the very same fears that she did. As the years passed the worries changed but there was always something new to worry about.  
    One day I came upon the following often quoted words of Mark Twain. 
    “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, 
    most of which never happened.”
    This quote- helped to open my yes. Amazing how sometimes a simple sentence at the right time can help put things into perspective.  Although the emotions and feelings of worry are very real the actual state of worry is such a waste of time.  As in the case of Mr. Twain 90% of the things I had worried about never came to pass. The time could have been better spent on more productive things that bring me joy. As the years slip by you begin to realize that every moment is a gift not to be squandered on things out of our control. Not to be wasted on worry…..….. 
    This year we all have had many things to worry about; storms, tragedies, tests, ratings, APPR and the usual school life dramas. We need to always keep in mind that it all works out in the end……. Or as in another of my favorite quotes- this one by FDR “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Most of what comes will pass-what is meant to be will be. Or in other words-
    “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.
    Maria R. Stile
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