• Physical Education Video Assessment


    Physical Education Video Assessment

    The Scarsdale High School Physical Education Department will routinely utilize video for the skill analysis of individual students for the self-improvement of various skills covered within the curriculum.  It is also used to assess a student’s physical skill/authentic skill utilization (situational game play) as part of the student’s overall grade in Physical Education.

    Use of such video is strictly limited to instructional purposes and assessment only.  Videos that are used for students to see their own skill development and performance will be deleted one month following the end of the course.  Video utilized in assessment for grade calculations will be deleted two months following the end of the course.

    There may be students who wish to opt out of video review of their performance.  To opt out of the video assessment, the student and his/her parents must submit the Video Assessment Opt-Out Form.  The purpose of this is for the students and parents to be made aware of and acknowledge that there will be variations that exist in the student’s skill acquisition since they will not have personal video review available to them.  Since there is only a written record of the assessment, it will be the basis for the grade assigned to that portion of the overall grade.

    If you wish to opt out of the video assessment as part of the Scarsdale High School Physical Education class, click on the link below to download and print the opt-out form. Please sign the form to indicate that you have reviewed and agree with the above information, and that you are requesting to opt out of the video assessment.  Completed forms should be returned to the Physical Education Office (Room 235).

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