• Heathcote Elementary School



    March 2013



    Book of the Month:






    By Paul Fleischman





    Dear Heathcote Friends,




    Westlandia by Paul Fleishman is an amazing book about Wesley, a young boy, who has a fabulous imagination. Wesley is also creative and inquisitive. He is always thinking.




    Wesley is not like all of the other kids in school. Although he does not always fit in he doesn’t let this bother him. In fact, one summer he does an amazing thing; he becomes an inventor and spends his time creating and maintaining a fascinating civilization in his own backyard! One night the West Wind blows in seeds that grow into amazing plants. These plants produce a very special fruit that Wesley uses in order to create many inventions. His discoveries are so unique and interesting that soon all of the neighborhood kids want to join him.




    Westlandia has always been one of my favorites because it reminds us that we are all inventors and thinkers. Some of us create using words, others in art, others build things and others create music. We all have fascinating, creative ideas. We just need to give ourselves the time to create and think and wonder.




    So take some time to listen to Wesley’s story and then do a little imagining of your own.










    Mrs. de la Garza