• Heathcote Elementary School



    February 2013



    Book of the Month:




    Leo the Late Bloomer



    By Robert Kraus





    Dear Heathcote Family,




           This is a story about Leo the tiger who struggles to achieve many of the milestones his friends are easily accomplishing. It speaks to the difficulties that you or I may have faced at one time. Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert Kraus is an all-time favorite children's book of mine! It is a simple story with a profound message. Many times in our lives we may find that while others around us are easily moving forward, we struggle to keep up. It shows that while things may be a challenge, you should not get discouraged. Keep on trying to give forth your best efforts and you too will blossom in your own time! One of my favorite characters is Leo’s mother, who regardless of Leo’s struggles, knew that with patience comes accomplishment! This uplifting story may be inspiring to children who feel that they are not as good at some activities as they "should" be. Overall, this story relays the ideas of patience, confidence, and the rewarding feeling of accomplishment once you’ve met your goals.




    Happy Reading!



    With Warmest Wishes,




    Delia Luciano