• Residents of Scarsdale Union Free School District of the Towns of Scarsdale and Mamaroneck, New York, who would like transportation for school-age children to private and parochial schools, must submit their request by April 1 for the following school year.  New students moving into the school district after April 1 must apply within 30 days after establishing residence in the district.
    To be eligible for transportation, in accordance with Board of Education Rules and Regulations, a student must live a minimum of one and one half miles from the school they wish to attend. Transportation will not be provided beyond 15 miles from a student’s residence.
    Eligible children in grades 6-12 attending non-public schools outside the district shall be provided with late bus service only if the request for such service is timely and made by not fewer than ten (10) students from one or more non-public schools outside the district located in such proximity that they are already receiving joint transportation service. Such service shall be provided only one (1) hour beyond the regular bus departure time and shall be discontinued if fewer than ten (10) students regularly utilize such service.
    To request transportation, click here.