• Welcome to Introductory Physics - Physics 513 Practical Information, Course Requirements & Policies


    • This is Section 2 or 5 of Physics 513
    • My office is located in room 294 on the second floor bridge
    • My email address is jvaughan@scarsdaleschools.org 
    • Our class will meet in Room 304

    Course Requirements

    For this course, you must

    - keepall of your paperwork in a 3 ring binder. It would be helpful to you to divideyour binder into 4 sections: class notes, homework/tests/quizzes, labs and journals.Please keep a supply of loose leaf in your binder.-

    - havea non-graphing, scientific calculator

    - bringyour binder, calculator and a writing implement of non-bizarre color with you to class each day. Please bring pencils for lab work.


    Grading Policies

    Thegrading distribution for this course is as follows:

    • Testsand Quizzes             70%
    • Labs                                15%
    • Homework                       10%
    • Journals                             5%


    1) Tests andQuizzes      - Tests will occurevery 2 to 3 weeks and will always be announced a minimum of 3 days in advance.

                                          - Quizzeswill occur with much greater frequency (both announced and unannounced).

                                          - In caseof legitimate absence, tests and announced quizzes will be made up the day youreturn.

                                          - In caseof illegal absence, you will receive a zero on the test or quiz. It is up toyou to make sure your absencesare legitimate. If you are not on the dailyattendance as legally absence or you haven't talked to me beforehand, I willassume you are illegal.


    2) Labs                          - All labs aregraded out of multiples of 15 pts.

                                          - Unlessotherwise specified, labs are due one week from the in class completion of dataacquisition.

                                          - Labpolicies are explained on a separate handout.


    3) Homework                   - All homework must be done on8 1/2 by 11 paper

                                          - Assumeall homework will be collected. Therefore, do not do your homework on theback of your notes.

                                          - Homeworkis graded on a plus/check/minus basis. You will begin each quarter with 7 outof 10 HW points. Each plus bumps you up a 1/2 point and each minus bumps you downa 1/2 point.

                                          - Latehomework is not accepted. Late is defined as any time after the start ofclass. If you left it at home or in your car, you are out of luck.


    4) Journals                      - A journal is dueapproximately every other week at the start of class. Due dates are on a separatesheet.

                                          - Alljournals must be typed or they will be penalized.

                                          - Journals are scored out of 10points.

                                          - Journalsare penalized 1 point for each day late.

                                          - Aseparate handout will further explain journals.


    5) QuarterGrades            - Grades will be computedusing the formula on the previous page.

                                          - Thegrade scheme is as follows: A+  97.0 -100,

                                          A   93.0 - 96.9, A-  90.0 - 92.9, and so on. I do not roundquarter grades to nearest whole number.

    Other Policies

    1) Absence                      - If you are absent for along period of time, it becomes your responsibility to make up work in a timelymanner.

                                          - If youknow you will be absent, CONTACT ME as soon as possible so that arrangementscan be made. When I am forewarned, I can be flexible. Showing up to classunprepared without previously speaking to me usually results in me taking amuch harder line.

    2) Start ofClass               - I begin class atthe bell. I expect you to be in your seat and ready at that point.

    3) Appointments             - You each have a copy of myschedule.

                                          - I carrymy appointment book with me. If you sign up I will guarantee that I will bethere. If you don't sign up, please feel free to drop by but don't get upset ifI'm not there.