Personal Computer and Mobile Device Policy

    Scarsdale Public Schools

    Scarsdale, New York


    Scarsdale Middle School provides students and teachers with the computing resources needed to complete all work required for computer and technology-related projects. Students and teachers who choose to bring a computer or mobile device of their own to school to use in class or make it more convenient to work on a project both in school and outside of school must comply with the following policy.


    Staff and Student Responsibilities

    Students and teachers agree to follow the District Internet Safety and Network Use Policy (AUP) when using their own computers and mobile devices in the building. Staff, students, and other users of their own computers and mobile devices agree to abide by all regulations and expectations for appropriate use applying to District technology including the following:

    • Use of any device and the District computer network must be in support of education and research.
    • Students are permitted to use their own computers and mobile devices only if a signed District AUP is on record.
    • Students are permitted to use personal devices only as instructed by and during times when supervised by District staff.
    • Students must use the District’s filtered wireless network while working online in school.
    • Personal devices may not be used to record, transmit or publish images or video recorded at school without a teacher’s permission and the permission of all students, teachers and staff in the photo or video.
    • School personnel will not be expected to provide technical support for student devices.
    • Personal devices are brought to school at the students’ and parents’ own risk. The school assumes no responsibility for student devices. Students assume all responsibility for securing personal devices.

    District Responsibility

    • The District will use technology protection measures (Internet filters) to help prevent users from accessing inappropriate information on the Internet in accordance with the Children's Internet Protection Act [Pub. L. No.106-554 and 47 USC 254(h)]. In accordance with the CIPA legislation, filtering may be disabled by staff for purposes of bona fide research.
    • The District reserves the right to log Internet and e-mail use and to monitor file server utilization by users of the District network.
    • The District reserves the right to inspect a personal device should there be reason to believe that a user has violated the District Acceptable Use Policy.
    • Violators of the acceptable use regulations described above risk losing computer privileges on a temporary or permanent basis, suffering disciplinary action, and facing possible prosecution for violation of local, state and federal laws.
    Please complete the attached form to register a personal computer or mobile device before bringing the device to school. A student will be provided with wireless access after the printed form is signed and returned to the school.