Heathcote Elementary School



    November 2012



    Book of the Month:



    What is a Thought? A Thought is a Lot



    By Jack Pransky and Amy Kahofer





    Dear Heathcote Families,



    What is a thought?  Where do thoughts come from?  Do thoughts have power?  Can thoughts change?  Does everyone have the same thoughts?  These are some of the many questions we can consider as we read “What is a Thought? A Thought is a Lot” by Jack Pransky and Amy Kahofer.  We will be introduced to the concept of thought and to the amazing power our thoughts have on our lives.  I may think to myself that I am not a good reader and therefore not try.  However, if I change my thought to I am learning to read and will try my best, I will feel more open to taking a risk and trying something new.  This is just an example of one of the many ways that our thoughts influence our feelings, actions, and experiences.  Children often do not realize that adults also have inner dialogues.  Try to externalize some of your self-talk and share it with your children.  This will help them learn to use their thoughts in more powerful ways. 



    While reading this story children will learn that:



    ·      Thoughts are amazingly powerful; we have the creative power to think anything.



    ·      Our thinking creates our feelings and our behavior, not the other way around.



    ·      When our minds are calm we have access to natural wisdom and healthy feelings.



    ·      When we are riled up, angry, anxious, or in a bad mood, it is unwise to believe, trust or follow our thinking.



    ·      The extent to which we rely on wise thinking will determine how much we are guided by it.



    ·      Our thinking has the power to change, and therefore our experience of things can change as well.



    Here’s to having good thoughts,




    Jennifer Turetzky