Welcome to Exploring Music!
     Below is our course outline. This document, along with our grading rubric and other information is
    There will be other forms of assessments given throughout the year with rubrics attached to specific projects and units. I will post those rubrics as needed.







    In this class we will explore the music symbol system through learning basic pitch and rhythm fundamentals. We will learn how to apply what is learned through performance and composition using percussion, Orff instruments, and keyboards (piano). We will also develop and use technology skills to create music. 


    We will experience and discover the music of various cultures around the world, including the music of your heritage. Extra help / after school sessions are available to support and enhance musical understanding. Students may request after school extra help by appointment throughout the year. Students will be asked to attend after school sessions if additional academic support is needed. Mr. Lieto will post materials on Schoology throughout the year.


    Essential Questions

    • How is music part of your life and culture as well as other cultures? 
    • What are my learning obligations in Exploring Music class?
    • What is the music symbol system and how do we use it?
    • What are the elements of music?
    • What relationship do the elements of music have to each other?
    • How does a composer create musical meaning/feeling?
    • What is the process by which a musician prepares a piece of music for performance?
    • How does music relate to other academic subjects?


    • Pencil(s) and Pen - Students will be given a folder in class.
    • Bring in and keep a few pens and pencils in your Exploring Music folder. 
    • Manuscript paper (music paper) - provided in class.
    • iPad - be sure to charge your iPad overnight and during the school day.


    Social Courtesies

    • Arrive on time for class. Arriving late is disruptive, and you will miss important class information.
    • Respect each other by demonstrating polite and courteous behavior at all times (during independent/group learning and instrument use). Do not call out or shout. Stay in your seat, and minimize social talking. 
    • Come to class prepared with all supplies and materials (including iPad).
    • Do not chew gum or bring any liquid/food into our music classroom.
    • We share this classroom, return all materials back to their respective places before class dismissal.