Welcome to Exploring Music!
    Below is our course outline and quarterly grading rubric. There will be other forms of assessments given throughout the year with rubrics attached to specific units. I will post those rubrics as needed. 



    In this class we will explore the music symbol system through learning basic pitch and rhythm fundamentals. We will learn how to apply what is learned through performance and composition using keyboards (piano), percussion instruments, and Orff instruments. We will also develop and use technology skills to create music on Sibelius, Garageband, and other computer applications. 


    Grade eight exploring units of study: 

    • Piano Unit
    • Orff Ensembles and Drumming
    • Film Scoring
    • History of Song


    Essential Questions:

     The Following Essential Questions will be explored

    • How is music part of your life and culture as well as other cultures?
    • What are my learning obligations in General Music?
    • What is the music symbol system and how do we use it?
    • What are the elements of music?
    • What relationship do the elements of music have to each other?
    • How does a composer create musical meaning/feeling?
    • What is the process by which a musician prepares a piece of music for performance?
    • How does music relate to other academic subjects?


    Students must bring the following supplies to class daily.


    • Pencil(s) and Pen (Students will be given a folder in class (from Mr. L), and I would recommend bringing in and keeping a few pens and pencils in this Exploring Music folder.)
    • Manuscript Book (music paper book)


     Social Courtesies


    • Be on time. Arriving late is disruptive.
    • Respect each other by demonstrating polite and courteous behavior.
    • Come to class prepared with proper supplies.
    • Do not chew gum in class or bring any liquid or food near the technology



    Exploring Music Daily Rubric