•  About 3rd Grade Instrumental Class 
       The 3rd grade instrumental program is an exploratory program for all Scarsdale 3rd grade students. The opportunity presented allows students to understand and experience the joy of playing a musical instrument. This program is a precursor to the band and orchestra programs beginning in 4th grade.
    Students are exposed to violin, cello, and recorder for approximately 9 weeks each. 
    Students will be using school-owned string instruments and will receive their own recorders provided by the school.  
       Classes are split evenly into string and wind groups.  Ms. Elkhatib teaches violin and cello while Mr. Weber teaches recorder. 
    The focus is on basic technique, sound, music reading as well as solo and group playing. 
       Classes are 40 minutes once every 6-day cycle. The entire class comes out at the same time and goes to his/her designated instrumental teacher. This is a wonderful opportunity for your third grader and we hope you enjoy the experience along with them.
       In 4th grade, the band and orchestra program is elective and students can choose from a myriad of instruments to study to create a balanced orchestra and band. Please see "ABOUT OUR 4th & 5th BAND/ORCHESTRA" in the menu for detailed information.
    Please send all questions to