• The Scarsdale Middle School Scrapbooking Club meets in room B126 on Thursdays with Mrs. Fitzgerald (Mrs. Fitz).  This club provides students in grades 6-8 with opportunities to create scrapbook pages, projects, cards, or remembrances to share with friends and families.  It is a drop-in club; so come when you can. The teacher shares techniques and materials, and the time flies by as we "scrap" together. Also, students learn and share techniques with each other.
    In addition, there are several special scrapbooking events that may draw a variety of students from around the school:
    Halloween Scrapbooking 
    Thanksgiving Scrapbooking
    Holiday Scrapbooking
    Valentine's Day Scrapbooking
    Mothers and Father's Day Scrapbooking
    Come check out the SMS Scrapbooking Club display at the Scarsdale Middle School After School Club Fair during your lunch period on Monday 9/24/18!  The first meeting of the club will be in Butler 126 on Thursday 10/4/18. 

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