• I have a motto: "¡La confusión no es una opción!"  Seeking exta help is encouraged to ensure success and understanding. 
    Students need to make an appointment by signing up online.
    Students may sign up for a short 15 minute time slot or for a double slot if more time is desired.
    To give you an idea of when help is available, I've posted my office hours outside of my office door (room 402) and outside my classroom (room 407).  You can also view my schedule in the  green reference packet you received in class.  There is also a free department tutor available in the World Languge Office (room 415).  Please see below for more details!
    Sra. A's Office Hours (Cassroom 407 or office room 402)
    *Available BY APPOINTMENT (see my office hour schedules & sign up online using the link to my Super Sra. website or going directly to website: www.bit.do/sraalmanzar 
    *Also available most days before and after school or during lunch by appointment. 
    Señora Manzo's Office Hours (Spanish Tutor in World Language Office, room 415)
    *Available by signing up for an appointment in the World Languages Study Center, room 415; check schedule posted on wall.
    Thursdays and Fridays: 7:30 am to 12:30 pm