• About the LRC


    In the High School, only students classified by the CSE receive services in the LRC.  The majority of students receive services in the LRC for four years and are assigned to one of the special education teachers who is charged with the responsibility of implementing the IEP. To achieve this objective, the LRC staff provides academic support for all identified students according to their specific needs.  While the majority of classified students have a learning disability, others may have emotional, attentional or medical difficulties that affect their learning.  The cognitive abilities of our students vary from “below average” to “superior.”  Their placement in school can include self-contained, skills level, regular, honors, or advanced topics classes.  Regardless of their academic placement, classified students experience difficulty in learning that requires support and/or program or testing accommodations.

    Teachers in the LRC help students compensate for specific deficits which interfere with academic progress or personal development. 
    The special education teachers provide:

    ·         Skills instruction in reading, writing, math, organization and study skills.

    ·         Content reinforcement through subject teacher assigned work.

    ·         Notetaking and test-taking strategies

    ·         Review for Regents and Regents Competency Exams

    ·         Collaboration with subject teachers in and outside of the classroom