• Heathcote Elementary School

    October 2012

    Book of the Month:

    OK Book  


    The OK book


    Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Tom Lichtenheld




    Dear Heathcote Family,


    Welcome to a new school year and the first Book of the Month. Every school year begins with changes. This year has begun with many challenges.  Both students and staff are feeling more pressure than ever before.   Even though we are faced with new realities it is important to keep in mind that we are all OK here at Heathcote School.

    Life is always full of changes. Change is the very nature of life. New opportunities will constantly present themselves and challenge us to grow.  New things to try and to learn.   We will excel at some of the things we try, others we may not.  What remains important is to give it a go and try our very best. Enjoy the experience.  We do not need to be perfect at everything. We can be OK.

      This month’s book reinforces this message.  It shares with us that being OK works. The author “invites us to engage in life just for the sake of it.” She asks us to “try many things and enjoy many things.” Following this path may lead us to the discovery of a passion that makes us great. Everyone eventually finds something which they excel at. For all the rest, always try and always, always enjoy – It is really OK!!!!





            Maria R. Stile





    PS- you can see The OK Book Official Trailer on You Tube at:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZTdG_rlngg