• All-District Jazz Band

    Thursday 3:00-3:45

    Dr. Slotwinski - zoom link here

    The All District Jazz Band is open to 6th graders (and 4th and 5th graders too) who are interested in learning about jazz and playing fun, interesting music! The All District Jazz Band is open to students who play the following instruments: flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone horn, tuba, drum set, piano, bass, and guitar. With this year being unique, adjustments will be made to help students succeed and learn to play and appreciate various styles of jazz music!


    Art Club

    Tuesday 3:00-3:45

    Ms. Cassano - zoom link here

    Enrollment Full

    In Art Club we will be working virtually in Procreate. Procreate is a drawing/painting  app for the ipad. We will explore all of the cool features it offers in order to make high end, professional looking art. You will need your ipad and a pen. No experience required! This club is open to all students.


    Book Club

    start date TBD

    Ms. Faugno 

    Beginning 2nd or 3rd Quarter

    The SMS Book Club is a student-run club. We meet once a month, after school. We will read and discuss books of all genres. Right now, the club will be given a selection of books to choose from and vote on to read first.  We will discuss and share the different aspects of each book.  We may even be able to include movie comparisons, at the end of the book or perhaps ‘cast’ a make believe movie.  Each book should be celebrated in the end. 


    Chamber Wind Ensemble

    Monday 3:00-3:45

    Mr. Lieto - zoom link here

    The SMS Chamber Wind Ensemble is a performing group for 6th, 7th and 8th grade brass and woodwind players.  This ensemble will learn and perform various styles of chamber music in a small group setting. If you play a woodwind or brass instrument and would like to play more music, come join us!!


    Dungeons & Dragons Club

    Friday 3:00-4:00

    Ms. Millard - zoom link here

    The Dungeons and Dragons club will continue for its third year, this time in a virtual format.  New and experienced players are welcome to join us and all grade levels are invited to attend the club.  Depending on your campaign and DM, there may be materials to purchase in order to play at home.  The first several sessions will be used to organize the quests, DM's, create characters, and decide on materials needed to play.  After that, each week the campaigns will begin.

     Frisbee Club

    not operating in 20-21

    Mr. Divino

    Ultimate frisbee is a non-contact team sport. Points are scored by passing the frisbee to a teammate in the opposing end zone. New teams are chosen weekly to ensure fair and fun games.

     Garden Club

    start date TBD

    Ms. Forray, Ms. Tenzer - zoom link here or here

    Garden club this year will be an opportunity for students to grow their own food at home with live support.  Materials list and instructions will be provided along with live check-ins and extension activities such as saving seeds, regrowing and harvest plans.


    Helping Hands Club

    not operating in 20-21

    Ms. Tenzer

    The mission for this club is to support local charities and organizations that need our help! This club is open to students in grades 6-8. 


    Investment Club

    Wednesday 2:40

    *Due to staffing issues the Investment Club is postponed until further notice.*

    We will update this site and make an announcement in schoology when this has been resolved.

     Enrollment Full

    Students will examine the core aspects of the stock market and how it functions.  Various websites (yahoo finance, smartmoney, bloomberg, etc.) will be utilized to assist students in gathering key information that will be helpful in making investment decisions.  Students will participate in a stock market game that is sponsored by the New York Times.  The stock market game will provide students with an imaginary $100,000 that will be invested and monitored throughout an eight month period.  Continuously updated standings will provide students with their investment ranking, and the highest earning teams will be awarded prizes at the conclusion.


    Jazz Band

    Thursday 3:00-3:45

    Mr. Lieto - zoom link here

    The SMS 7th and 8th Grade Jazz Band will meet Thursday afternoons from 3:00-3:45. The Jazz Band will learn and perform music in the Jazz idiom that spans 100 years of American music history! This jazz band is open to all 7th and 8th grade musicians that are interested in learning how to play jazz in a band setting. Come join us for an incredible learning opportunity that is a ton of fun as well!



    Tuesday 3:30-4:15

    Mr. Weiss - zoom link here

    Mathcounts is the SMS math club.  It is a national organization that provides materials for students to do non-routine problems that go above and beyond the level of work we see in the regular curriculum.  Select students go on to compete in a local chapter competition.  The Scarsdale team regularly earns a spot in the NY State competition and have had several students qualify for nationals.  This year the club meetings and competitions will run virtually.  Each week students will have a set of problems to solve that we will discuss at our virtual meeting.  All students are welcome but a strong interest and ability in math is recommended.  


    Mosaic Maniacs Club

    Tuesday 3:15-4:15

    Ms. Freedman-Carmen - zoom link here

    A traditional mosaic is a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of glass.  This year because we are beginning virtually, you will be challenged to use other materials instead of glass. We will be mosaicking with paper, found objects using a variety of surfaces both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional.  Join us and be a Mosaic Maniac!  Open to all grades.


    Percussion Ensemble

    Monday 3:00-3:45 - starting in January

    Dr. Slotwinski - zoom link here

    The Percussion Ensemble is a wonderful opportunity for percussionists grades 6-8 to explore different types of percussion-focused music and advance their skills!  More info coming from your band teachers as the year progresses.

    Robotics Club

    Tuesday 3:00 - beginning Q2

    Mr. Calvert - zoom link here

    The Robotics Club works as a team to build a robot for Vex Competitions.  Each year the competition is new, providing unique challenges for teams to earn points. Students must design, build, program, and pilot a robot to meet those challenges and earn as many points as possible. This year will be a little different but Vex is committed to continuing the competition online! Stay tuned for more information as Vex confirms what the challenges and online competitions will look like.


     Science Olympiad

    Wednesday 3:00

    Mr. Gandelman - zoom link here

    Please see our webpage SMS Science OlympiadScience Olympiad is an exciting competitive team that involves innovative STEM content in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Earth Science,  Physical Science and Engineering. We are committed to creating opportunities for student teamwork, problem solving and collaboration as well as recognizing outstanding achievement by students. 


    Scrapbooking Club

    Thursday 3:00-3:45

    Ms. Fitzgerald - zoom link here

    The Scrapbooking club provides students in grades 6-8 with opportunities to create scrapbook pages, projects, cards, wall displays, or remembrances to share with friends and families in a relaxed atmosphere at home.  The teacher shares techniques, and the time flies by as we "scrap" together.  In addition, students learn and share techniques from one another other.  Finally, there are several special scrapbooking events that may draw a variety of students: Halloween, Thanksgiving, December holidays, Valentine's Day, Mothers & Fathers’ Day. 


    School Newspaper Club

    Tuesday - start date TBD (mid-year)

    Ms. Castaldo, Ms. Fass - please email the teachers for info

    tcastaldo@scarsdaleschools.org or jfass@scarsdaleschools.org

    The SMS Press is Scarsdale Middle School's school newspaper. We are looking for talented writers, reporters, editors, artists, and designers that are committed to meeting regularly in order to produce a high quality newspaper for the SMS community.


    Scratch Programming Club

    start date TBD

    Mr. Rose - please email teacher for info


    Whether you are new to Scratch or have been programming for years, join your friends to create and share your own interactive stories, games and animations.


    Sinfonietta Strings

    Thursday 3:00-3:45

    Dr. Rotjan - zoom link here

    Sinfonietta Strings is designed to provide a unique opportunity for students in the 7th and 8h grade orchestras. With the idea of a chamber ensemble in mind, students in Sinfonietta participate in artistic decision-making together, often rehearsing and performing without a conductor. The ensemble studies advanced repertoire ranging from traditional classical to modern. Sinfonietta Strings meets once a week on Thursdays from 3:00-3:40.


    Student Organization

    first Tuesday of each month - 3:00

    Ms. Sassone, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Agovino - zoom link here

    Please see our webpage SMS Student Organization


    Vocal Music Club

    Tuesday & Thursday - 3:00-4:00

    Mr. Boniello, Ms. Cuk - zoom link here or here

    Vocal Music Club is an after-school club for all students that enjoy singing.  Whether you sign up for Chorus, Band, Orchestra or Exploring Music, being in this club will give you the opportunity to sing many different styles of music, either alone or as part of an ensemble, on a weekly basis.  


    World Culture Club

    first Wednesday of the month 3:00

    Ms. Lipton, Ms. Barron - zoom link here or here

    The World Culture Club explores different cultures through food, dance, music, art and literature. 


    Young Men in Leadership

    start date TBD

    Ms. Vallario

    Young Men in Leadership is a program of positive youth development specifically designed for boys in grades 7 & 8. Through group discussion and activities, YMIL enhances the development of leadership and emphasizes belonging,commitment and responsibility.  Discussions often include topics such as bullying, stress, competition and social pressures. 


    Young Women in Leadership

    Wednesday 2:45-3:30 - zoom link here

    Ms. Cass, Ms. Furst

    Young Women in Leadership is a program designed to provide 7th and 8th grade girls an opportunity to connect with their peers, as well as, learn and practice leadership skills in a safe and comfortable environment. Activities include: team-building, community service, discussion groups, yoga, and guest speakers.