Every child in kindergarten will have an opportunity to be a highlighted student

    for a week during the school year.


    Below is a glance at the schedule for the V.I.P. week.

    We ask for your help in preparing for your child's big week.


    The V.I.P. will share their autobiography in the classroom. The students will use a bare book for this project.


    The V.I.P. will share a unique artifact with the class—a baby blanket, a collection of shells, etc.


    Family Story Day! The V.I.P. will share their pre-recorded Flip Grid family story and read aloud with the class.


    Kindergarten classmates will ask our V.I.P. questions to learn more about them.


    What did we find out about our V.I.P. this week? The students will share what they learned by making statements about the V.I.P.


    Parents will receive an email to sign up for their child's V.I.P. week.