Events will be meeting with coaches starting next week.                

                          Use this form to find the day, time and link.                                                     The only requirement is to attend..Just show up!                                                                         

    Event List and Times 2021



    Please find the rules tab and read your event rules before the 1st meeting for that event 


    If you have not visited the State and National Websites yet please see below:


    The National and State Science Olympiad have planned opportunites.                                  Please go to the Science Olympiad State website to review the new Remote "STAR" program   https://newyorkscioly.org/  as well as the National Website to view "My SO" program  https://www.soinc.org/


    Important Dates and Information:  (all can be viewed using the links above)


    September 1, 2020:

    • Registration opens at 9:00 a.m. for all New York State Science Olympiad Teams.   

    March 6, 2021:

    • Regional STAR Program for all Division B Teams.        (Remember it's remote)

    April 17, 2021:

    • State STAR Program for qualifying Division B Teams.      (Remember it's remote)


    MY SO. (See National website for more information)

    We are so excited to share this new program with Science Olympiad nation! MY SO is a 9-month, calendar-based set of supports to keep students engaged in Science Olympiad at home, at school and afterschool. Each themed month is connected to a popular Science Olympiad subject like Epidemiology, Space or Structures, and will contain free resources like Lesson Plans and STEM Sessions, webinars and interviews with leading experts in the field about careers and workforce.

    September Lesson Plan, Practice Tests for Div. B (Grades 6-9) and/or Div. C (Grades 9-12) and STEM Showdown Rules for Epidemiology  - Coming 9/1/20!

    September STEM Session - Coming on Science Olympiad's YouTube Page 9/15/20!

    September STEM Showdown on Epidemiology - Reservation System Coming Soon!

    Rules of Play for the STEM Showdown - Coming Soon!