• Welcome to Chorus!


    Let's begin with what your children experience in a typical rehearsal:


    We begin with warm ups!

    1. Relaxation exercises - 'bring' them into the rehearsal and relaxes their bodies for singing

    2. Breathing exercises - focus on breath support

    3. Posture - ensure the body is properly aligned and without tension

    4. Vocal exercises - emphasis on proper vowel formation and blending of sound


    What kind of music do we sing?

           A variety of styles that may include:


    Proper (aka 'classical')



    Pop/Show Music

    Folk Songs from the US and other countries

    Multicultural & Ethnic


    How do I choose the music?

           For each piece, I look at:

    • Appropriate range for their voices (aka 'tessitura')

    • Lyric content

    • Complexity of notation and rhythm patterns

    • Use of dynamics and phrasing

    • Overall form for repetition and contrast

    • Creative harmonic writing

    • Interest/hook for the singers, listeners and conductor


    We always emphasize:

     Good tone production in both the head and chest registers

     Singing the correct pitches

     Singing the correct rhythms with accurate note durations

    Appropriate phrasing of the melodic lines

    Balance and blend of sound

    Importance of following the conductor


    Finally, please:

    ·      Check out our curriculum descriptions on the Scarsdale Schools web page.

    ·      Read over the Choral Handbook paying particular attention to concert dates, times and attire (available on my Schoolwires page).

    ·      Look at the Rehearsal and Concert Schedule – also on my Schoolwires

    ·      Be aware that there are additional opportunities for singers,

             such as the Vocal Music Clubs, All County, NYSSMA, etc.