• Philosophy:
    The goal of the Rebecca Sitton Spelling Program is for students to learn to spell correctly in their everyday writing, not just for a Friday test. Our focus is on Word Study.  Students are held accountable across the curriculum for the correct spelling of priority words. The program recycles words and skills for long term mastery.

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    Ensure students’ transfer of spelling skills through:

    • Students’ discovery of spelling skills and concepts through word collection and analysis
    • Spelling mastery of high frequency writing words with the help of formative assessment
    • A focus on students’ proofreading accountability


    • Opportunities for differentiation
    • Formative assessment of spelling skills
    • A menu of instruction for customized curriculum development



    How is Sitton Spelling and Word Skills® different?

    Sitton Spelling and Word Skills® sets itself apart from other programs by bringing together unique elements which enable students to master spelling,language, and word skills. These important skills strengthen the students’ word knowledge to help them to become better writers.


    Sitton Spelling and Word Skills


    The usual spelling program

    Students’ active learning of spelling skills & concepts for long term learning and application to many more words


    A list of words given on Monday and studied for short-term memorization to obtain a Friday test grade

    Formative assessment to guide instruction and identify words students have not yet mastered

    Automatic follow-up testing to assess mastery


    A Friday test grade with no follow-up instruction or assessment for words missed

    Accountability of spelling skills through proofreading everyday writing, with a “no excuses” outlook for misspelling assigned words


    Proofreading exercises related to the spelling list

    A set core curriculum with opportunities to adapt instruction through teacher choice and optional extension activities


    Fixed instructional strategies

    Opportunities for differentiation:

    • Multiple, varied activities for each concept
    • Flexible instructional formats
    • Recycling of skills and concepts
    • Individualized spelling lists with minimal teacher effort

    Opportunities for differentiation:

    • More words or longer words for students who need additional challenge
    • Shortened word list for struggling spellers


    Practice our core words for each unit with fun games!
    A fun game to practice antonyms, synonyms and homonyms.
    Check out this game for practice with adjectives and adverbs.
    Have fun with this game that helps you practice verb usage.