Grading Rationale

    Health Education is a subject that is not only academic but also personal in nature. The grading rationale outlined below is designed to reflect growth and learning both personally and academically.

    Grades in this course will be based on the following categories and potential points:

    Semester Coursework: 1,800 total potential points (90% of course grade)

    • Assessments (900 points):Examples may include formal and informal assessments, performance-based assessments, reading and written assignments, etc.
    • Engagement (540 points): Active class engagement and participation
    • Classwork & Homework (360 points): Completion of in-class activities and at-home assignments

    Final Exam: 200 total potential points (10% of course grade)

    Department Grading Policy:

    • A due date is the last day a project/assignment is due to your teacher, during the period in which you meet.
    • Late assignments are accepted at the discretion of the teacher.
    • If late work is accepted, it will be met with a deduction of five percent per day after the due date.
    • No work is accepted beyond two weeks after the due date.
    • Once work has been returned, students have a two-week window to meet with their Health teacher to discuss their work.

    Extra Credit: Opportunities may be provided to earn extra credit at various times during the semester.

    Final Exam Health 10: A final exam will be given at the end of the semester. The final exam is weighted as 10% of your cumulative course grade.

    Course Grade: The cumulative grade (course grade) is the only grade that will appear on your high school transcript. Health Education is a New York State graduation requirement.