Kindergarten students will create autobiographies for the ‘All About Me’ unit in social studies. This experience is always exceptional; the students are proud to write and draw about their family memories.  


    A "bare book" is used for this project. The students will design the book using photos, drawings, invitations, or postcards. The students should label and write the words on their own. Be creative, and have fun with your child! There is no right or wrong way to complete this book.


    You can help your child write their introduction by sharing information about their birth. Students usually include their birth date and birth measurements. Also, please explain why you chose your child's name. The autobiography may be from birth to the present or about all the essential aspects of your kindergartner’s life.


    Please complete and return the autobiographies to school by November 17, 2023. Autobiographies will become part of our classroom library, and the students will bring the book home in June.  We look forward to each child’s V.I.P. week to learn more about them.