vacation Family Stories
    The kindergarten social studies curriculum focuses on helping students develop an awareness of themselves as growing individuals.  Children's unique qualities and similarities to others are explored in class.  Children also begin to look at their relationships with their families. Sharing our Family Stories is just one way that we will focus on this important social studies topic.
    In kindergarten, children are beginning to see themselves as unique individuals, influenced and supported by the family.  They develop their own sense of self as they grow with their family.  They have no real memory of their baby years, but they hear stories that become part of who they are today.  We would like you to think about some of those stories your child has heard. *We ask that you choose one special story to tell the class.  You can write it down and read it, or simply tell the story. Believe it or not, telling this story will only take about five minutes.
    After your five minute telling, we ask that you share a book with the class.  The book should be a children's picture book related to your family story.  The book you read should be about ten minutes in length. The entire sharing should be approximately fifteen minutes in total.
    Family stories will begin during the month of January.  Please see the Sign Up Genius for the date that you chose for your child's VIP.
    1.  The VIP's parents, siblings, and grandparents are invited in for Wednesday's family story.
    2.  One week prior to your child's family story, please email me the full names of the people that will be joining your VIP.  I will forward this list 
         to the main office so school passes can be pre-made.
    3.  Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions prior to your family story.