Butler 7 Life Science

    Course Information Sheet

    Mrs. Ciccone

    Course Description:

                Grade 7 Science is an introduction to biology and the living environment. This course will focus on the various structure and chemicals that all living things have in common. As the year progresses you will explore the various forms of life that exist on this planet from the very basic, viruses to the most complex, the human body.

                During the year you will have the opportunity to perform a variety of experiments. You will learn how scientists classify organisms by their physiology and genetic make up. Researching a genetic disease of choice will allow you to become an expert and provide you with the opportunity to share what you have learned with others.

                Topics that we will cover during the year are cells, life functions, microscope use, scientific method and measurement, genetics, classification, plants and the human body.


    Textbook: Life Science by Prentice Hall. Textbooks are to be kept at home and returned in June.

                     Online techbook:Discovery Education www.discoveryeducation.com


    Homework: Homework will be assigned on a regular basis at the beginning of each topic. Assignments are posted on Schoology. They are completed and submitted electronically. Assignments can range from a reading assignment to completing a lab report. When a student has been absent it is his or her responsibility to find out what they missed and to make up any class work, homework or quizzes. A timeframe for missed work should be discussed with the teacher upon the student’s return to school.

                Homework is announced in class, posted on the board in the classroom and posted on Schoology.

             Late homework guidelines for graded & long range assignments:

                1st quarter- Minus 5 points each day the assignment is late.    

                                 Assignment will not be accepted after 5 school days.

                2nd quarter- Work handed in late will receive half credit.

                3rd & 4th quarter- No late work accepted.



    Quizzes/Tests: All quizzes and tests will be announced 1 week in advance. Students have the opportunity to come for extra help prior to the quiz date.

    Early morning review sessions as well as an after school study group will be given prior to quiz or test. All students are encouraged to come for the study group before the quiz or test.


    Grading: Each student’s grade will be comprised of the following categories: Tests (35%),Quizzes (25%), lab work (20%), homework (10%), projects (5%) and class work (5%).



    Classroom Rules and Expectations


    Classroom Rules:

    1. Respect yourself and your classmates 

               a. No talking when the teacher or another student is speaking.

               b. Raise your hand.

    1. Always give your best effort

               a. Try to solve the problem first

               b. Take pride in your work

                   1.Write neatly and legibly.

                   2. All work should be in complete sentences.

                   3. Write your full name on all work.

    1. When in doubt ask a question.  There is no such thing as a silly question.




    1. Complete & hand in all assignments on time.
    2. Come prepared to class with:   Pen & pencils, Binder with paper, Ruler, Homework and Colored pencils
    3. Be on time for class
    4. Attend extra help
    5. Have fun and enjoy science