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    Jeremy Szerlip
    9th Grade Biology

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    Welcome to biology!! I am sure that at sometime in you life, you have all been amateur biologists.  Perhaps you have observed a birth or a death.  Or you have reveled in the beauty of autumn leaves and pestered your parents or teachers with the question,WHY? 

    Maybe you visited the Museum of Natural History to see the exhibit of the dinosaurs which was more accurately based on our understanding of their lifestyle and anatomy. And all of you have suffered from bacterial, protist, or viral infections or infestations of worms or arthropods -  and recovered!  Perhaps some of you yearn to become field biologists, or to clone an organism, or to design the life support system which will allow humans to colonize Mars.  But all of us, whether biology is our calling or not, need to understand how our bodies work and how diseases, prescriptions, and chemicals in the environment affect us.  We all need to know why green space is important and why saving the spotted owl is a just cause.  We need to understand the precarious balance of systems inside our bodies and in our world… and this is biology, the study of life.