Dear Second Grade Families,
    Birthdays are special! In second grade, birthdays will be celebrated without refreshments, in accordance with the district allergy policy. We know however, how important it is to acknowledge this day. Therefore, we invite your child to select five meaningful objects from home that will fit in the 'Birthday Bag" which we will provide. This bag will be sent home prior to the birthday sharing. Variety is key so send in different types of objects, if you can. Summer birthdays are celebrated in June.
    Your child will have the opportunity to talk about their objects with the class. This will help promote a variety of language arts skills, which naturally tie into our curriculum.
    On the bottom we have provided some examples of what your child can put in the bag along with our guidelines of what should not go in the bag. We are looking forward to celebrating this happy occasion with your child.
    Menus from favorite restaurants
    Stuffed animals
    Entertainment objects (playbills, ticket stubs, sports memorabilia)
    Colletions, stamps, coins, shells)
    Trip souvenirs
    Letters, cards, journals
    Finally, the greater the variety of objects your child brings in, the more your child has to talk has to talk about on their special day. Enjoy!