Kindergarten Daily Snack


    We will have a daily snack each morning. On the first day of school, students should bring a healthy snack and drink (in a spill-proof bottle). 


    Kindergartners should come to school daily with a snack packed separately from lunch. It is always helpful if the snack bag is labeled,

     " ________'s Snack."  


    All snacks should be healthy and easy for children to manage independently. We also ask parents to include spoons, forks, straws, etc., if needed. In addition, please provide water in a non-spill container every day.


    The purpose of a daily snack is to provide a social break and a boost of energy during the morning hours. A snack should take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to eat and enjoy! 


    Kindergartners eat snacks in the classroom. All snacks eaten in classrooms must not contain peanuts or tree nuts.