• School Bus
    It is important that your child knows his/her dismissal plan before leaving the house in the morning. Please fill out a Quaker Ridge Transportation Notice if your child will be having a change in dismissal.  Please remind your child to place this note on the dismissal clipboard when he or she enters the room in the morning.
    School lunch tray  
    Revised lunch tickets 2014  can be downloaded here. We are transitioning to using this new version, which gives you a better sense of what the cafeteria offers.  Please remember that it is most helpful to help your child fill out the lunch ticket before they come to school, and remind them to turn it into your teacher first thing in the morning. Please remind your child to place this lunch ticket on the lunch clipboard when he or she enters the classroom in the morning. If your child loses his or her lunch ticket or forgets to bring one in, we will still make sure that your child eats something but it may not always reflect what the initial choice could have been. Please make sure to put your child's name, pin number, date, and teacher's name on these blank lunch tickets. Once your child has handed in his or her lunch ticket in the morning,  your child can not change the food selection at the cafeteria. I suggest you discuss with your son or daughter what he or she will be buying each day so that everyone receives the lunch that was ordered. 
    two kids reading  Graphics from Google Images.
    Reading Logs document different titles of books and materials that are read at home and at school. Each child will continue to become an avid reader this year. Independent reading, parent read alouds, books read together, articles, magazines, newspapers, poems, recipes, etc. all count toward your child's readerly life.  As the year progresses the suggested time for reading at home will increase.  Please make sure that your son or daughter has a current reading log in the Reading Folder each morning.