• Contact information: The best way to contact me is by email, which I check regularly. My address is jmaxwell@scarsdaleschools.org. If you prefer to call, my office number is 721-2594, but I am seldom at that desk to answer calls. It may be more effective to email in order to arrange a time to conference by telephone.
    Meeting with students: I am happy to meet with students to help them with assignments, understanding of content, or any other concerns that may crop up during the year. A student should speak with me either during homeroom or after class in order to schedule a meeting. With classes, A-School meetings, advisor meetings, and staff meetings, my calendar gets crowded rather quickly. If a student needs to meet with me but we do not have common available time during the day, I can arrange to come in before or stay after school, and I am also willing to meet during lunch periods. Also, all of my students have my home phone number and email address, and many problems can be solved through these means of communication.
    I am looking forward to working with your children!