• Reading

    The Ms. Lund Reading Rule is to set aside a minimum of 20 minutes of free-time reading per day!!
    Make reading a habit!! Experience the wonders of multiple genres of books. Mix in nonfiction with fiction books. Find a biography of a person who interests you. Enjoy a mystery, adventure, or survival book that takes your imagination of a journey! Choose realistic fiction stories with characters, settings and events that become real to you as you read. 
    Reading Record:
    Make sure to write all of the books you read during sixth grade on your Reading Record Sheet. You will keep this sheet in a sheet protector in the front of your English binder. Record the TITLE and AUTHOR of each book you read (including your summer books:-) Evaluate each book on a 1-5 star rating. Your goal is to read the equivalent of at least 10  independent books this year. Try to go beyond that and achieve an even higher goal!!
    Be an ACTIVE READER by reading with Post-It Notes. Tips for using this required and helpful strategy have been reviewed in class. Please keep that tip-sheet in a sheet protector after your Reading Record in your binder. Refer to it, as needed. Happy reading:-)