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    My name is Ms. Theall, and I’m very excited to be your teacher.  


    You will have a lot of fun learning and playing this year in kindergarten. Edgewood School is a terrific place to be. I cannot wait to meet you on August 31st.


    AB0UT ME

    I live in Weston, Connecticut. 

    I have a son named Stephen. He is a sophomore at Wake Forest University.

    We had a wonderful summer with our family and friends. We traveled to Italy and met our Italian relatives for the first time. That was the highlight for me.

    This year will be my 25th year teaching kindergarten at Edgewood School, and you will be in my 31st class. 




    DRINK: Coffee

    FOOD: Pizza

    STORE:  Book Stores

    HOBBIES: Spending time with family and traveling, and doing pilates.

    SPORT: I’m learning to play golf.

    COLOR: Sky Blue

    CHILDREN’s MOVIE: Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

    PICTURE BOOK: No, David!