• Scarsdale Middle School

    Fountain House– Ms. Marianne Madoff

    Grade 6 Math



    CLASS OF 2018-2019: Welcome to my sixth grade math class! As sixth grade students, you are expected to arrive to class on time, prepared, and ready to work.  In order to do that, please read the supply list and make sure these items are with you every day.


                                                                  1) At least four sharpened pencils (and a small personal sharpener)

                                                                         and large eraser (Replenish as needed)                       

    2)   1 inch binder (white). This will be emptied after each quarter.

    3)  Colored pen/pencil (for correcting)

    4)  Assignment pad or District Planner 

    5)  Looseleaf (about 30 sheets to start) and 3 Dividers  


    When you come in, please sit in your seat immediately.  First, take out your homework and put it on your desk.   Then take out your assignment pad and copy ALL of your homework. 


    Policy on Incomplete Homework 

    If when you are doing your homework and you aren’t sure about how to answer the question, go through the following steps:

    1)    Go back to the notes you have from class and try to figure out the problem.


    3)    Ask an adult/older sibling for help.

    4)    Phone a friend—ask that person for an explanation—NOT THE ANSWER.

    5)    When all else fails, have your parent write a brief note telling me that he/she was aware that you had trouble figuring out how to answer the question.

    6)    If you are absent, check SCHOOLOGY first for the assignment, or call a friend.

    You are expected to do the homework every night.  All homework is due the next day, unless explained differently. 


    How You Will Be Graded 

    • A completed homework check is given for all homework done on time (you will not be penalized for wrong answers or for work attempted but not solved). 
    • Every 10-14 days or so you will have a quiz.  Review sessions are typically the day before a quiz after school. You will have the entire period to complete the quiz.  A couple of days before the quiz, I will give you a study guide, which will provide an outline of the topics on the test and extra practice problems.   If you miss a quiz because you are absent you need to make it up.


    Statement on Cheating

    At times, the work in this class will be challenging and you may feel overwhelmed.  There may be the temptation to “take a shortcut”.  It might mean that you ask a friend to copy his/her homework or you might ask someone from another section about a test question.  These are both examples of cheating.  If you are feeling stressed about the work, please come to see me for extra help as soon as possible.  Please do not resort to cheating. 

    Extra Help

    I am usually available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school for extra help. This is a good time to get started on your homework as well.  Additional review sessions will be held before quizzes.


    If you come to class prepared and on time, complete homework assignments, pay attention in class, and ask questions you will have a successful year! 



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    Scarsdale Middle School

    Fountain House– Ms. Marianne Madoff

    Grade 6 Math


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    I,________________________________  in math section _____ have read the above

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    information with my parents and I understand the expectations for math this year.




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