As part of the district Circle of Friends program third graders learn about Anger Management. We read the story "The Very Angry Day That Amy Didn't Have" and discuss the different reactions that the characters (Amy and Margaret) have to the same triggers. We perform an experiment where we notice that oil and water have a peaceful reaction Amy Sized Reaction like Amy, while vinegar and baking soda have an explosive reaction like Margaret. We also talk about managing anger so that conflict is handled peacefully. The children learn that feeling angry is ok, but that we may not behave in a mean or hurtful way when angry. Each student examines his/her own responses to anger triggers and thinks about the areas in which he/she is doing well and the areas in which his/her responses need improving.

    Homework: Please talk with your child about anger management and how anger management applies outside of school as well. You may use the homework sheet (That bugs me!) to help in your conversation.

    Together we can grow our Circle of Friends!