• First graders are empowered by learning strategies for dealing with bullying. The lesson also encourages them to seek the help of a trusted adult. The children watched and discussed a series of short videos from Sesame Street. Big Bird has been invited to join the Good Bird's Club! However, the president of the club teases him about his bright yellow feathers and his gigantic feet, eyes, wings, and beak. Big Bird feels just terrible and asks Abby to cast a magic spell to change his appearance. Reluctantly, Abby casts a spell, making all of Big Bird's requested changes, including bright blue feathers. But Abby realizes the truth—the president is bullying Big Bird. So she tells Chris, who tells Big Bird he shouldn't have to change to join a club. He's special and wonderful the way he is. Ultimately the pals start their own club: The Happy to Be Me Club. The other videos focus on how to stand up to a bully and the meaning of the word "include". You can find the videos and a parent discussion guide on the Sesame Street website http://www.sesamestreet.org/parents/theshow/episodes/the-good-birds-club


    Homework:  Draw a picture of what makes you happy to be you.


    Together we can grow our circle of friends!