Naviance is a college and career planning tool to help students and families navigate the college application process.
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    1. Add your colleges to the Common App (if they are Common App schools)
    2. Fill out your College Card in the Counseling Office 
    3. Fill out the Teacher Recommendation forms in the Counseling Center and give to your Dean’s secretary to sign (must do College Card first)
    4. Give the Teacher Recommendation forms to your teachers (only after the secretary has signed off on them)
    5. Add to your Naviance the teachers AND the colleges you want them to write for. Note: Teachers can submit their letters for you only after you do BOTH: you give them the signed Teacher Recommendation forms AND add their names/colleges to Naviance

      Do this EACH TIME you add colleges to your College Card

     How to Request Recommendations from Teachers:  
    image of teacher recommendation form
    (Your card is available from your dean's secretary)
    image of sample college card