• Fox Meadow Communications

    The PTA and the school administration communicate with the Fox Meadow community in a variety of ways.

    Fox Meadow Update -- the PTA's Weekly E-Mail Blast

    The PTA’s electronic weekly newsletter is the Fox Meadow Update.  It will be e-mailed to you via Constant Contact on Sundays during the school year, except during school vacations.  The Fox Meadow Update will be your primary source for information about the variety of exciting things that are happening at Fox Meadow and in our school district at large.  You should also refer to the frequently-updated Fox Meadow PTA calendar page to find out about upcoming school events.

    If you are not receiving PTA e-mails and weekly e-blasts during the school year, please sign up by clicking here (preferable), or notify us by e-mail at FoxMeadowPTA@gmail.com. Remember to provide your name, e-mail address, and the current grades of your children enrolled at Fox Meadow to ensure that you are included in the appropriate mailing lists.

    Submissions to the Fox Meadow Update (including all notices from Committee Chairs about their events) should be directed to the update editors at FoxMeadowUpdate@gmail.com no later than 5 p.m. on the Thursday prior to the weekend publication dateThe PTA will not include information about activities or events sponsored by outside organizations lacking a Fox Meadow PTA liaison.

    Single-Subject E-Mail Notices

    In addition to the Fox Meadow Update, you will sometimes receive short, one-off e-mails from the PTA about a single subject or about an activity specific to a single grade.  These e-mails may be deadline reminders, updates about particular events, or letters from the PTA President.  Please direct all single-subject e-mail notices to the attention of PTA President.

    Parent Section of the Fox Meadow Elementary School Website

    The PTA section of the Fox Meadow Elementary School website contains postings about the many PTA-sponsored programs, payment pages for membership, student directories, after school clubs, and many other activities, as well as information about volunteer opportunities for all the PTA-run events that occur throughout the year.  Requests to post information on the PTA portion of the website as well as links to any sign-up sheets to be added to the Volunteer Opportunities page should be coordinated and approved by the PTA President.

    Communications from School District Administration and Personnel

    On occasion, Fox Meadow Elementary School personnel and the School District administration will send out important notices via e-mail. These messages include emergency notifications about school closings, delays, and early dismissals, and health notices from the school nurse. The District uses the Infinite Campus Messenger e-mail service.

    Your household's e-mail address on file with the District is not shared with the PTA and is part of a completely separate database. If you change your e-mail address, you must notify both the District and the PTA of your new contact information.

    Each Fox Meadow classroom, related service, and specials teacher has a home page on the Fox Meadow Elementary School website that can be found under Teacher Pages.