• Welcome to Butler 6 English! 

    Here is the link to the Incoming 6th Grade's Summer Reading List:  
    • Read Schooled and at least 2 other books from the list.  I'd recommend that you read (or re-read) Schooled toward the end of the summer so it's fresh in your mind when we start school in the fall.
    • One of the books you choose from the list must be FICTION (historical fiction, realistic fiction, sports fiction, adventure / survival, fantasy / science fiction, humor, mystery, etc.).
    • The other book you choose from the list may be any genre you like...
    • Try to choose at least one book that's about a new topic for you; that's told from a point of view / type of character that's unfamiliar to you; or that's part of a genre you don't usually read.  Broaden your horizons.
    Enjoy your summer reading!  I'm looking forward to discussing Schooled with you in September!