Michelle Asch
    About My Art Studio


    The Quaker Ridge Art Studio offers students a space to become engaged in hands-on art lessons using traditional art materials towards the creation of an original work of art.  Projects reference  artists and artistic styles both past and present. Art materials that students will use throughout the year include, drawing utensils, paints, wood, clay as well as a variety of mixed media and collage materials. 

    Units of study often include an introductory period where, as a group, students will discuss related artistic techniques and imagery in order to inspire them as they begin to create their own works of art.  Completed projects are put on display throughout the hallways to be shared with Quaker Ridge students, teachers and visitors to the school. 

    All art work is returned to students to take home by the end of the school year.  In general, art projects take about three to five art classes to complete.  Students are encouraged to explore several ideas through sketching before working on their final piece. Classmates often talk with one another during art class in order to explore and share their own ideas as well as offer suggestions related to the art of their fellow students.