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    Caren Reinhardt
    Speech Language Pathologist






    As speech and language pathologists within the public school setting, we specialize in communication delays and/or disorders that may impact a child’s academic development.  This program was developed to enhance growth and facilitate communication with both parents and students.  It may be used to educate parents that have concerns about speech and language delays and/or disorders. 

    Further, this program may be utilized to stimulate developing skills, as well as a program that may be utilized at home for carry-over by children already receiving services.  It is important to note, that students often achieve criteria for errors in their therapeutic setting but need to practice their productions outside the therapeutic environment to facilitate carry-over. 
    So enjoy the program and make it fun.  If you have any questions, you should contact the Speech and Language Pathologist in your child’s building.  Remember your feedback is important so that we can make improvements, add materials, and ensure a program that meets everyone’s needs.