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    Mrs. Sara Faranda

    Email: sfaranda@scarsdaleschools.org
    Phone: 914-721-2720
    " Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up".
    -Pablo Picasso

    Our artists at Fox Meadow have an opportunity to explore a variety of materials throughout the school year. We learn drawing techniques,painting styles, create masks and puppets as well as work with collage and clay. All projects are put on display throughout the school year for all to enjoy.

    On the first Saturday in June, we have our annual Fox Meadow Art Show. The show takes place in front of our school and each child has at least 2-3pieces of artwork displayed. 

    The elementary art curriculum focuses on integrating aesthetics, studio art,and art history in an engaging, c
    reative, and imaginative environment. Many projects and discussions incorporate art with the classroom curriculum. Technology works seamlessly in supporting lessons, incorporating use of projectors and TV monitors.

    Art history/aesthetic visual discussions make frequent use of projected images. Students discuss various aspects of the images, such as color, space, line and form; how these make them feel; what they see; and what they like and dislike. Knowledge of the artists and the society they were part of also plays a role in students' acquiring an understanding of art and the context in which it is created.

    Studio projects relate to concepts covered in the visual presentation and discussion, While students work on their studio projects, images continue to project in a loop on the screen for easy reference. Students also have access to computers in the room to look up questions or other artists as they work.

    Elementary art teachers have designed a core group of subjects and artists for each grade, which creates a base curriculum that is consistent throughout the District. The elementary art curriculum is shared with the Middle and High School teachers so they know what students have previously studied.