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About My Role

As Teacher in Charge, I have the opportunity to witness and be part of the fine education that is on-going at Edgewood School.  We have a dedicated committed group of teachers and auxiliary staff and an enthusiastic, eager motivated community of student learners. 


My role as Teacher in Charge involves working collaboratively with all staff members, parents and students; we work toward common goals to support our lives as students and as members of a future society still to be explored and improved upon.  I assist teachers in developing instructional practices, curriculum and assessments to support and enrich student learning, facilitate professional development workshops and meet with teachers, parents and students to discuss various educational, behavioral and other school related issues.  Specifically, I help newer teachers develop educational plans and refine pedagogy. 


Through Student Involvement Council, we encourage and expand student ideas, values and aspirations.  These student representatives become the conduit from classrooms to Council in relaying hopes and ideas from peers.  The ideas from students often become positive initiatives within our school.  Together we enjoy lovely lunches at Classical Cafes.  We enjoy the beauty of Edgewood neighborhoods and the camaraderie enjoyed by meeting friends on our way to school via the Walking School Bus.  The Teacher in Charge helps plan for assemblies, author visits, lunch clubs and all the other aspects of those things which add to our curriculum, support student learning and which makes Edgewood special.  The Teacher in Charge coordinates with the PTA for Cultural Arts’ and community service projects.  A pleasant task involves taking new and prospective families through the school.  As their questions are answered, they are reassured that the Scarsdale schools will provide the educational setting in which their children will flourish.  As a member of the Child Study Team, the Teacher in Charge, along with the other Edgewood staff, helps develop educational plans for students with special needs.


All aspects of hiring, placement and training of auxiliary staff are accomplished through the Teacher in Charge.  The logistics for implementing the mandated standardized testing is eased by the planning of the Teacher in Charge. 


I like to think of the Teacher in Charge as the behind-the-scenes director with whom the Principal ensures that every phase of life in the elementary school is running smoothly. 


Ellen Anders