• About Us
    As past generations have built today's Scarsdale, so does this generation recognize its responsibility to the future. We seek to develop young people to their fullest, to help them to become self-reliant, lifelong learners who can reach beyond themselves. Our stories are as individual as the children, but a common thread is teaching of unusual quality and a community united in dedication to learning.
    Our schools aim to provide an intellectually powerful and humane education. They share a commitment to active and challenging learning. Recent years have seen a growing emphasis on common standards, high stake assessments, and curriculum reform. However, the District's greatest strengths are still individual students and teachers, the quality of the encounter between them, and the strong sense of mission shared by school and home.
    Our Mission 
    The Scarsdale Public Schools seek to sponsor each student's full development, enabling our youth to be effective and independent contributors in a democratic society and an interdependent world. To this end, we endeavor to help them to think and express themselves clearly, critically and creatively; to understand themselves and others within the broad fabric of human experience and the natural universe; to appreciate their rights and responsibilities as citizens; and to become people of integrity, maturity and generous spirit. A measure of our success is the degree to which our students fulfill their potential as individuals and as contributors to the common good, non sibi.
    Our Beliefs
    Families, religious and other social institutions, and the community as a whole, as well as the schools and each student, share responsibility for achieving the Mission. We believe success is most likely when all dedicate their fullest individual energies to this enterprise, understanding one another, communicating well, and cooperating. In recognition of its part, the Board of Education specifically commits itself and the Scarsdale Schools, within available resources, to the following ideals:
    • High standards of scholarship in a reasoned and humane atmosphere. An education where adults know each student's mind and person.
    • Teaching, guidance and counseling which are caring, reflective, respectful of and responsive to individual aptitudes and needs, while mindful of the greater good.
    • A school environment structured to help students develop a growing sense of responsibility and self-discipline, involving them in the development and direction of their own education. 
    • Integrated, continuous and progressively broadening opportunity in and beyond the classroom for students to grow intellectually and in leadership, self expression, talent and interest. 
    • An education which reflects awareness of promising and effective new development in theory and methods.
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