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    The most frequently asked questions about the yearbook, Bandersnatch, are listed below. Additional information regarding the high school yearbook can be found by clicking on one of the tabs to your left. If your question has not been answered by any of the resources here, please email our adviser: Stacey Dawes at sdawes@scarsdaleschools.org


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q. When and where does yearbook meet?
    A. Yearbook meets every Wednesday in room 354. If you are interested in joining yearbook, you can simply show up on Wednesdays, or feel free to email Ms. Stacey Dawes sdawes@scarsdaleschools.org for information.


    Q. Where can I purchase a SHS Yearbook?
    THE LAST DAY TO ORDER A YEARBOOK WAS MARCH 7th. We are no longer accepting orders.


    Q. When are Senior Ads due?

    A. Senior Ads are no longer being accepted.


    Q.  How do I create a Senior Ad?

    A. Senior Ads are no longer being accepted.


    Q. How and when do I take my senior picture?

    A. Senior pictures are taken by the school's photography company, Prestige, a division of Lifetouch, by appointment only. Seniors were mailed an "Confirmation Code" towards the end of the previous school year, in order to schedule an appointment.  If for some reason you did not receive your code, or it has been misplaced, please email Stacey Dawes sdawes@scarsdaleschools.org.  I will be able to provide you with the code.  You need the code to schedule the appointment.

    If you have the confirmation code, you can click here to schedule the appointment online.


    Q. When is my senior pose (pictures taken by Prestige Studios) due and how can I submit it?

    A. As a result of technological issues with the photography, some senior pictures taken in December have not been uploaded as of yet.  As a result, the new deadline to select your senior pose is February 1, 2022 by 2 PM.

    To select your pose:

    Log into Shop.prestigeportraits.com, Enter Your Email Address. Enter Your Specific Session Id,  Access Code and Last Name That Is on the Proof Sheet of Images You've Received (Sent by Mail and Email).  If You Do Not Have This Information, You Must Call Customer Service at 800-736-4775 to Retrieve It by Answering a Few Security Questions for Verification of Images. Once You Are on the Home Page, Select the View Proofs Tab to View Images and Select a Yearbook Choice. You do not need to actually pay/buy a picture if you so choose.


    Q.  What are the requirements for my senior picture?

    A.  Select the pose that is a vertical shot. Your head and shoulders are the only body parts that can appear and the background selection must be Moonlight Blue. Be certain the picture does not show your hands and you are not wearing a hat.


    Q. How and when are Senior Freshman & Senior Multiple(s) Pictures due?

    A.  Senior Freshman & Senior Multiple(s) Pictures will be taken by one of the yearbook staff members during  a specific window of time.  If you are interested, please complete the Google Form for an appointment.  PHOTOS ARE NO LONGER BEING TAKEN.


    Q. What are Senior Freshman and Senior Multiple(s) Pictures?

    A. A Senior Freshman photo is a picture with a senior and their freshman sibling(s). A Senior Multiple is a picture of senior siblings born on the same day and year.


    Q.What are and when are Senior Quotes due?

    A. Senior quotes are due November 22, 2021. A senior quote is text that will appear with the senior phot in the yearbook.  A senior quote can (but doesn't have to) thank friends, families or teachers.  It can be a significant quotation that characterizes your philosophy or your years at SHS.  You can also write a final goodbye to the school.  Regardless of your choice, you must follow the guidelines outlined in the directions.  QUOTES ARE NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED.


    Q. What is and how do I submit a "throwback" picture of a senior or senior group?

    A. A "throwback" picture is a photo of a group (2 or more) of seniors from their elementary or middle school years.  To upload photos (no more than 3)  .  Once you've done that, for description, enter "THROWBACK."  PICTURES ARE NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED.

     Q. What is a "Then & Now" picture and how do I submit it?

    A.  A "Then and Now" picture is an awesome picture of a senior with their friend(s) from when they were younger, and a picture from now, in which the senior and friend(s) have the same clothes and pose. Send both pictures to sdawes@scarsdaleschools.org. The deadline for submissions is February 15th.