Welcome to 1B! I am so happy to be sharing this First Grade journey with you. First grade is a year of tremendous growth, both academically and socially/emotionally. Through community building activities such as a daily morning meeting and many songs, games and chants, 1B is a place where students get to know each other well and move their bodies often. Through engaging academics and lots of special activities, students feel challenged and enthusiastic about their learning experiences!

    We are very lucky to have our wonderful classroom aide, Mrs. Turchiano! We are a wonderful team and work together to provide support and care to our First Graders. 


    Here is our Specials schedule for the year: 

    A Day Art 12:45-1:25

    B Day P.E 12:45-1:25 *

    C Day P.E 12:45-1:25 *

    D Day P.E 12:45-1:25 * & Library 2:15-2:55 

    E Day Music 12:45-1:25 

    F Day Music 12:45-1:25 

    *Please wear sneakers on P.E Days

    In addition to our regular specials, we will also take part in the monthly Kaleidoscope Gardening and Yoga sessions!