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  • 12/3/20

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    Dear Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Parents,

    Please note that the school day begins at 8:45 for COHORT A and at 12:45 for COHORT B for Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade.

    • Students should not be dropped off earlier than the designated arrival times. 

    • Students who arrive early are not permitted into the building.  

    • Students waiting outdoors for the doors to open are not supervised. 

    We also ask that you do not arrive early and wait on school property.  We must keep these areas clear for emergency vehicles.

    Thank you for your cooperation.



    Katherine de la Garza

    Assistant Principal

    Heathcote School



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    Hello Heathcote Families,

    Thursday is a Parent/ Teacher Conference Day.

    Dismissal is at 11:10 for all students in grades K-5.

    Beginning this Wednesday and every Wednesday moving forward, all students in grades 3-5 will attend school with their cohort.

    Cohort A reports every Wednesday morning.

    Cohort B report every Wednesday afternoon.

    Attached is the schedule that Dr. Edgar McIntosh previously sent out regarding the rest of the Parent/ Teacher  Conference days.


    Maria Stile



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    Dear Heathcote Family,

    To say that this has been a challenging year would be an understatement.

    It has been extremely difficult for all members of this learning community. 

    We have all been working hard and trying our best.  

    We are grateful for small victories. 

    We are grateful to have the privilege to work with your children.

    It is what makes all of our efforts worthwhile and keeps everyone moving forward.

    I am grateful to be a part of this learning community and appreciate all of the many efforts of our faculty, staff, students, and parent body. 

    We are #heathcotestrong, and we will get through this. 


    I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a healthy and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday. 

    Please stay safe and be well.  

    With gratitude,

    Maria R. Stile




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    Dear Heathcote Families,

    This letter reviews changes to our program and answers some of the most common questions we've received. 

    Wednesday Schedule for grades 3-5 and Remote K-2 Students

    Starting next week, on Wednesday, December 2nd, Cohorts A and B will be in attendance every Wednesday. Coming to school every Wednesday is different from the previous, alternating attendance plan where either the morning or afternoon session did not receive instruction. 

    With this change, all Remote K-2 students, and all children in Hybrid and Remote grades 3-5, will receive daily instruction, including Wednesdays. The hours of the day and schedule of specials for these classes will remain the same.

    Changes to the Hybrid K-2 Schedule

    Students will be in on Thursday, December 3rd, for half a day as an entire class due to parent-teacher conferences. Beginning Friday, December 4th, Hybrid K-2 students will be in school for the full-day, every day of the week. . The children's day will run from 9:10 AM to 3:10 PM. In addition to time with the classroom teacher, the day will include specials, lunch, and recess. To expand instruction for our earliest students, we use non-traditional instructional spaces for some classes and spread others out over two rooms. These spaces will allow us to maintain the six-foot social distancing in all settings that is a central part of our COVID risk-mitigating strategies. 

    For parents with children in the K-2 Hybrid classes, please know that we have made many changes to our typical routines to maintain all the safety precautions necessary. 

     K-2 Hybrid classes, new routines:

     2nd-grade classes in the music and art rooms

    • In the first part of the day, the teacher(s) will spend half the day with one group of students, while the other half will be with an instructional aide. In the second part of the day, the aides and teacher(s) will switch, giving the group that had been with the aide time with their teacher(s), and vice versa. 

    • The teacher will continue to lead on academic instruction.

    • The classrooms will have all materials found in standard rooms. In addition to individual desks, this includes things like technology, class libraries, math materials, and whiteboards. 

    • Teachers will have access to a personal voice amplifier to be heard across the large rooms. They will also have conference microphones they can use with students so that all children may participate in whole-class discussions. 

    Grade K-1 split between two classrooms. 

    • In the first part of the day, the teacher(s) will spend half the day with one group of students, while the other half will be in the second room with an instructional aide. In the second part of the day, the aides and teacher(s) will switch, giving the group that had been with the aide time with their teacher(s), and vice versa. 

    • The teacher will continue to lead on academic instruction.

    Delivery of Specials 

    • We will deliver specials lessons synchronously via Zoom. To avoid the potential for COVID-spread, specials teachers will continue to teach students remotely. 


    Lunch and recess  

    • K-2 students will have the traditional 30-minutes for lunch and 30-minutes for recess. 

    • Lunch will be in school; we can not routinely allow parents to take their children home for lunch and recess. 

    • Lunch will be in the classroom. Although children will be unmasked when they eat lunch, they will also have a polycarbonate trifold, like the one linked here, to reduce the potential of spread and exposure to microdroplets and germs by acting as a barrier from sneezing or coughing.

    • Families can opt to order lunch through the District's lunch program - administered by Chartwells - and the Nutrislice online app, or send in lunch. 

    • If you are sending lunches in, please know that we are now a nut-controlled school. Do not send any items for lunch that include any type of nut products. Please be sure to check food labels. You will be receiving a more detailed list of nut products from Ms. Turiano our nurse. Students who bring nut products will not be permitted to eat them in school.

    • Teacher Aides will not be able to assist students with the opening of their lunches. Please be sure that your child can open their lunch. It would be helpful that they practice opening thermoses and other packaging at home.  Students will be permitted to use their own scissors if necessary.

    • Teacher Aides will be with each cohort or class. 

    • Mrs. Boyer is our designated Lunch-Recess Supervisor. 

    • We will factor time for all students to disinfect their hands before lunch and after recess. 

    • Whenever possible, recess will be outside. Whether indoors or out, we will ask children to wear masks and maintain social distancing. 


    Length of Day, Arrival, and Dismissal  

    • As stated earlier, the expanded day will run from 9:10 AM to 3:10 PM. 

    • If the K-2 child has an older sibling in grades 3, 4, or 5, they will not ride the earlier bus. The Transportation Department will be notifying you of your K, 1st, or 2nd-grader's new pick-up time.

    • If you walk or drive, please know that doors will not open for K-2 students before 9:10 AM. If you have an older student in the AM cohort, your K-2 child will not be able to come to school earlier than 9:10. This will necessitate a second drop off.

    • We expect increased traffic at the 3:10 PM dismissal time. 

    As always, we thank you for your continued patience and support as we implement these changes.


    Maria R. Stile




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    Dear Heathcote Families,

    As a result of the two recent adult COVID cases at Heathcote, we currently have 35 staff members on quarantine, including cleaners, custodians, teaching aides, and teachers. As you know, we intended to begin the kindergarten through second-grade transition to a full-day, in-person schedule on Monday, November 30th; however, due to COVID-related staffing shortages, we must amend this plan. 

    We will move to remote instruction on Monday (11/30), Tuesday (12/1), and Wednesday (12/2) of next week for k-2. Grades 3-5 will continue on their regular schedules. 

    The k-2 full, in-person plan will begin on Thursday, December 3rd. This will be a half-day to account for the previously scheduled Parent-Teacher conferences.

    We know that many of you will be disappointed by this change; unfortunately, it can not be avoided at this time.

    In order to simplify the schedule for next week, we have created the chart below:



    Instructional Model

    Monday, November 30 - Wednesday, December 2 

    AM & PM Remote Cohort Schedule

    Remote Learning

    Thursday, December 3

    AM & PM Cohorts In-person instruction from 9:10 - 11:00

    Half-Day In-Person Instruction 

    Friday, December 4

    Full day Arrival at 9:10

    Dismissal at 3:10

    Whole Day In-Person Learning

    When we are in the remote instruction model k-2, we will continue with the AM & PM cohorts. Classroom teachers will be sharing links and schedules with you in advance of these classes.

    Our k-2, in-person program will begin on Thursday, December 3rd, and we will welcome all students (AM & PM) for a-half-day of instruction that morning.

    On Friday, December 4th, all students K-2 will begin their first full-day (including lunch and recess) at Heathcote.

    We will send specifics regarding the K-2 school day and arrival and dismissal schedules in separate emails. Please be sure to take note of the many specific changes.

    Working together, we will overcome these current challenges.


    Maria R. Stile




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    Dear Heathcote Families,

    We are preparing for the shift from the K-2 AM/PM hybrid model to a full day K-2 schedule. Discussions are ongoing with specials coordinators, teacher aides, and teachers to finalize details on the scheduling of specials classes, lunch & recess, the relocation of classrooms, and the preparation of new spaces that best support the delivery of instruction. 

    Based on the size of each grade level, the needs of different academic programs, and the available space in our buildings, we will be implementing the following models: 

    • Full class in a large space - Grade 2

      • The students in these large spaces will be spread out with six-foot distance and cover a large footprint using areas such as our Art Room. Music Room and Multi-purpose Room. A & B Cohorts will join in one room and work in small groups split between the teacher and the teacher aide.

    • A class split between two spaces  - Grades K & 1

      • This model will have the teacher aides and teachers split time between two separate rooms. A & B cohorts will remain separated.

    Our decisions were guided by the needs of our students and maintaining consistency across the grades.

    Here is a brief schedule of the upcoming changes:

    Week of November 23-25

    • K-2 Teachers pack/move/setup rooms

    • Full remote days for K-2 - includes Specials and programming through collaboration with the District, PTAs & BOE. 

    • Grades 3-5 hybrid in-person instruction continues

    • All Virtual classes in session.  

    • Students switching to in-person learning will begin on Monday, November 30th.

    November 30th  

    • New Arrival & Dismissal plan goes into effect.

    • K-2 begin full day instruction. 

    • Students switching from virtual to in-person learning begin. 

    • Virtual Program K-5 students continue their program.

    December 2nd 

    • Beginning on this day, grades 3-5 will be in attendance all day on Wednesdays and will continue as A/B cohorts.


    As stated above, there will be changes to our Arrival and Dismissal plans for all students in grades K-5. More details will be provided in the upcoming days.

    Thank you for your continued support,

    Maria Stile



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    Dear Heathcote Families,

    I am thrilled to share some terrific news.

    The U.S. Department of Education has informed me that our entire school community is invited to view the National Blue Ribbon Awards Ceremony this Friday. 

    Our families are welcome to watch at a time that works best for them.

    The New York awards will be presented in Part 1 of the ceremony.

    Three viewing options are available. You may access the program via the links below.

    • 10:00 AM- Live Ceremony.

    10:00 LIVE U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon Award Ceremony

    • The recorded ceremony will be available for viewing after 11:00 on Facebook.

    Recorded Blue Ribbon Award Ceremony on Facebook

    • The recorded ceremony will also be available after 2:00 on Youtube.

    Recorded Blue Ribbon Ceremony on Youtube

    To celebrate this momentous occasion, Friday will be a Spirit Day

    I invite everyone to wear something BLUE.

    Our school-wide official celebration will take place later this year.

    The U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon Award program has been recognizing Excellence in Education since 1982.  

    Heathcote is the first Scarsdale elementary school to be awarded this prestigious recognition.

    Go Heathcote!!

    Go Huskies!!


    Maria R. Stile




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    Dear Elementary Parents, 

    This is a reminder that Election Day - Tuesday, November 3rd - will be a fully remote day for students.

    District schools are used as voting sites. Due to safety and security matters, Election Day is traditionally a Superintendent's Conference Day for staff. 

    To reclaim instructional time, this year's calendar makes Election Day a remote instructional day for all students.

    Here is the hybrid student schedule for the day:

    A Cohort 

    Tuesday, November 3


    B Cohort 

    Tuesday, November 3

    8:45am - 9:00am


    8:45am - 9:00am

    Morning Zoom Meeting

    9am - 11:15am




    9am - 11:15




    Synchronous Special


    11:15am -12:45pm



    11:15am -12:45pm


    12:45pm - 3:00pm




    Synchronous Special


    12:45pm - 3:00pm




    3:00pm - 3:15pm

    Afternoon Zoom



    3:00pm - 3:15pm


    Virtual Only Students:

    Students participating in the virtual-only schedule will remain on their current schedule.


    Maria Stile



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    Dear Heathcote Families,

    A reminder that tomorrow we are inviting all Heathcote students to wear their Halloween costumes to school. Students will wear their costumes for the entire session.

    We will also be celebrating World Math Day tomorrow.

    Our theme this year is --  Math On the Path.

    Students will be invited to solve math problems as they walk outside on the path near their grade level wing. If the weather does not cooperate, teachers will share the math problems in their classrooms. Students K-5 both in school and virtual classes, will also have the opportunity to enjoy and participate in math games, activities, and challenges designed to get them thinking and motivated about math.

    Math Day is a school-wide annual celebration meant to encourage students to see math as fun, exciting, and relevant. We hope that every student will end the day saying that math is great and Math Day at Heathcote was a day to remember!

    Please ask your children all about it when they get home!

    Happy Halloween!

    Go Math!

    Go Heathcote!


    Maria Stile


    The Heathcote Math Committee



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    Dear Heathcote Families,

    On Friday, October 30, 2020, we are inviting all Heathcote students to wear their Halloween costumes to school.

    Due to COVID, we are not able to host our annual parade. Instead, teachers are planning a special math activity for all of our students on this day.

    Here are a few helpful reminders:

    • Please have your child wear their Halloween costume to school.
    • In consideration of our students with allergies, please do not send in costumes with nuts.
    • Kindly leave all toy weapons, glass items, and valuables at home.

    Students will wear their costumes for the entire session. No changing out of costumes will be possible.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance. 

    Maria R. Stile



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    Dear Heathcote Families,

    The Heathcote School Faculty invites you to its virtual Open House Meet the Teacher Night on Thursday, October 8th, between the hours of 6:30 p.m. and 8:10 p.m. You will have the opportunity to attend a webinar and hear our classroom teachers present their goals, expectations, and objectives for the 2020- 2021 school year.  

    This is an important orientation and an excellent opportunity for you to meet your child's teachers and learn about the grade-level curriculum.  

    You will also have the opportunity to meet the teachers of our Specials programs (Art, Music, Band, Orchestra, Technology, Library, Spanish and Physical Education) and our Intervention Service Teachers (Learning Resource Center Teachers, Psychologist, English Language Learner Teacher, and Speech and Language Teacher through recorded presentations introducing themselves and their programs.  

    **You will receive an email from me on Thursday, October 8th,  with ZOOM links to all of our presentations.

    Our Schedule for the Evening:

    6:30-7:00 Presentations for parents of students in Grades K & 1.

    7:05-7:35 Presentations for Parents of students in Grades 2 & 3.

    7:40-8:10 Presentations for Parents of students in Grades 4 & 5.

    * Virtual Classes

    Links and times for all K-5 virtual class presentations will also be sent to you.

    Heathcote Virtual Teachers will be presenting with their Grade Level Teams.

    We are all looking forward to Heathcote Open House/ Meet the Teacher Night and a fabulous new school year.


    Maria R. Stile


    Follow us @



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    Dear Heathcote Families,

    Below is an update with important reminders form the Heathcote Restart Committee.

    Thank you for your attention to this information.

    Maria Stile


    Dear Heathcote Families,

     Thank you for your support and attention to the restart and safety procedures.    

     Below are some important reminders from the Restart Committee:

     From the Health Office:

    • Must be completed daily prior to the arrival of your student at school. Please remember to complete the ezSCRN every day prior to your student coming to school.
    • Refer to ezSCRN Instructions for Parents if you are having difficulty with the application
    • Updated Health Forms
      • Grades K, 1, 3, and 5 must have an updated health exam on file dated from 9/1/2019 or after as required by New York State

    Send your updated form to our school nurse, Margaret Turiano, 

    • Please make sure your contact information on Infinite Campus is correct and updated with the district.
    • Dismissal Manager and ezSCRN must be used to report all illnesses or absences.


    • Masks must be worn at all times by children and adults while on school grounds, including inside cars at drop-off and pick-up.
    • Approved masks for in-school use (please refer here for specific mask guidelines):  
      • 2-ply or 3-ply cloth masks
      • Surgical masks
      • Respirators (N95 and KN95 masks)
      • Face shields may be worn IN ADDITION to face masks.
    • Bandanas and Neck Gaiters MAY NOT be worn at school.
    • Masks with valves MAY NOT be worn at school.  

    From the Mental Health Committee:

    • We hope that families and students are settling into our new school year. Should you need assistance, please click here for the Social Emotional Learning Resources for Elementary Caregivers. As always, please email our school psychologist, Jennifer Turetzky, or call her at (914)721-2766 or if you would like to talk more. 

    Dress for the Weather:  

    • We have been lucky to have had beautiful weather for the start of the year. Children spend a bit more time outside for arrival, dismissal, and mask breaks. Please remember that they should be dressed appropriately for all kinds of weather. To avoid lost articles, be sure to put children’s names on clothing.  
    • Clothing essentials
      • Umbrellas
      • Rain slickers
      • Rain boots
      • Coats
      • Hats and Gloves
      • Snow Boots

     Water Stations:

    • We have installed new UV bottle fillers throughout the building. As a reminder, please bring your own water bottle. It is cold water only. 


    • The playgrounds and fields remain closed during the school day and after-school hours.


    • Dogs are not allowed on school grounds.

     Holiday Calendar Link

     The Heathcote Restart Committee

    Maria Stile, Principal                                       Kathy de la Garza, Assistant Principal   

    Jessica Rosenburg, PTA President                Carrie Parker, PTA President-elect

    Alexa Froomberg, Parent Representative      Margaret Turiano, School Nurse

    Terrie Leone, School Secretary                      Luis Magalhaes, Head Custodian

    Jeff Koenig, Custodian                                   Jennifer Turetzky, School Psychologist   

    Chris Casal, Computer teacher                      Vivian Robert, 5th-grade teacher       

    Amber Rago, 4th-grade teacher                     Erin Cameron, Art teacher Arriv/Dism. Coor.

    Lindsey Hicks, Learning Resource teacher    Theresa Crawford, Aide representative

    Shaun Johnson, Spanish teacher, Arriv/Dism.Coor. 



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    Dear Heathcote Family,

    It is with great pride that I share with you that our beloved school has been designated as an Exemplary High Performing National Blue Ribbon School for 2020 by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

    Our school is one of 367 schools in the nation and one of 18 schools from New York State to be recognized in 2020.

    More information on the program may be found here:

    National Blue Ribbon Schools

    Today's announcement may be found here:

    2020 National Blue Ribbon Schools Announcement

    There will be a formal recognition ceremony in November. Details to come.

    Every member of our community has contributed to this amazing recognition, administrators, faculty, staff, students, and parents. 

    Together we always accomplish great things.

    Kudos to the Heathcote School Community!!

    Go Heathcote!!




    Maria R. Stile




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    Dear Heathcote Families,

    Friday, September 25th, is Heathcote Spirit Day. The objective of the day is to promote school spirit for our students, families & staff.

    We are asking that students dress in a particular manner on these scheduled days. Heathcote colors are YELLOW and BLACK. "Heathcote Spirit Wear" are any items of clothing with "Heathcote" written on it, have a Heathcote logo, or the Heathcote "H" that your children may already own. 

    We hope that all of our students will join us in building school spirit on these days.

    Go Heathcote!

    Go Huskies!!

    Maria R. Stile



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    Dear Heathcote Families,

    Tomorrow each family will be receiving two signs with their last name written on them. Kindly display one of the signs in your car window/dashboard during pick up. Please inform your child care providers to do the same. The signs will allow staff members to easily identify your family, which will lead to a quicker and smoother dismissal for our students. 

    As always, thank you for your support and assistance in ensuring the safety of our students. 


    Maria Stile



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    Dear Heathcote Families,

    Attached is a letter from the Heathcote Restart Committee.

    It outlines changes and provides information intended to keep everyone safe this year. 

    I ask that you please review it with all of your family members.

    Thank you,

    Maria Stile



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    Dear Heathcote Families,

    The start of a new school year is always an exciting time. This unusual year will bring us many challenges. In my 15 years at Heathcote, we have faced and overcome numerous challenges. Working together, we have always been able to maintain our focus on the success of our students. Our community is a strong one. During this COVID pandemic, I believe that we will provide Heathcote students with the best possible educational experience if we are united.

    This summer, classrooms were prepared to accommodate students and keep them seated six feet apart from one another. Buildings and Grounds provided us with measurement specifics to ensure room safety. Mechanical air systems were inspected, and filters were upgraded.

    Heathcote has some staffing changes. We welcome Mr. William Reilly from Edgewood School. He will be joining the fifth-grade team. Ms. Amber Rago and Ms. Ashley Cooper have been assigned as District virtual teachers.

    I have attached a copy of our classroom teacher list to clarify hybrid and virtual assignments for Heathcote students. Some Heathcote students have been assigned to virtual cohorts lead by teachers from other schools. These virtual classes are made of students from all of the five elementary schools.

    In support roles, we welcome back Ms. Jackie Singer as a virtual ICT/LRC teacher. We also welcome Ms. Rachel McMahon as our ENL teacher.

    Mr. Sean Johnson and Ms. Erin Cameron will be our Arrival and Dismissal Supervisors.

    You will be receiving communications from Heathcote administrators, teachers, and the Heathcote Restart Committee. I ask that you please carefully read each one.

    This link will connect you with the Opening Plan Calendar. Classroom teachers will be contacting you with specifics.

    Thank you in advance for your support as we begin our new school year.


    Maria R. Stile


    Maria Stile