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    Karen Rozencwaig

    Welcome to Heathcote! 

    My name is Karen Rozencwaig and I am your child’s Kindergarten teacher.  I am so excited to meet each child and hear what they have been doing for the summer.

    I spent the summer with my husband, our four children, Amanda (22), Hayley (20), Coby (17) and Talia (17) and our two dogs Luna and Ghost.  I went to Canada, read on a lot of different beaches in the United States and looked at many colleges for my twins.  Reading at the beach and playing tennis are two of my favorite things to do.  

    This year we are going to have an amazing experience learning and making new friends.  Our classroom culture will be a loving space where children can feel safe to try new things and experience a love of learning.  I look forward to seeing everyone on September 3rd, at 8:35am. 

     This website has been created to keep families informed and updated about the many events and activities happening in our classroom throughout the year. In addition to curriculum information, monthly newsletters, classroom happenings, and a classroom calendar will be updated regularly. Please be sure to view the Kindergarten Welcome Letter link on the left to find out important information about the start of the school year.


    Your child is at a marvelous age where each day brings opportunities for wonder, curiosity, excitement and discovery.

    Our units of study will integrate the various content areas. Language arts, mathematics, science and social studies will be an integral part of each day. Music, art, physical education, library and computer will also be important components of the curriculum.



    Please click on this link,  2019/20 Supply List, for the list of supplies your child will need for the school year. Be sure to check out this supply list EVEN IF you ordered the PTA supply kit.  There are SUPPLEMENTARY supplies required (e.g. an art smock, etc.) that are to be brought to school on the first day in addition to the school supply kit. If you have not ordered the PTA kit, please send in ALL of the items from both lists.



    Beginning on the first day of school, Kindergarten will be in session from 8:35 to 3:10. The teachers will escort the Kindergarteners to their designated dismissal location. If your child is picked up by car, you have the choice of picking up in the front of the building, or at the rear of the building. If you choose rear dismissal, your child will be required to get himself/herself into the car and car seat. If your child requires assistance getting into the car and or car seat, please choose front pick up. With front pick up, you will be required to park your car in a parking space, walk to the kindergarten door and pick your child up. A kindergarten teacher will be dismissing each child one by one at that door. 


    You should have received information regarding the School Dismissal Manager program. It is imperative that you set your child’s usual dismissal plan prior to the first day of school. Through School Dismissal Manager, you will have the ability to set “exceptions” on days that there are changes to your child’s dismissal plan (such as playdates). Again, it is essential that you set this up before school begins to ensure that your child’s dismissal runs smoothly from the first day.



    To view Kindergarten Policies and Procedures, click on this link to download: (Policy & Procedure letter)



    During the school year, I will be sending letters, forms and reminders electronically to be “green” and cut down on the amount of paper sent home. I ask that you kindly send an email with “Group Email” in the subject area to both of us so that I can create a class email list before school begins. If both parents want to be on the group email list, please send an email from EACH address. In addition, I will be making up labels and tags for the students’ books, lockers, etc. Please let me know, as soon as possible, the name your child prefers to go by (for example: Andrew or Andy, Alexander or Alex, Samantha or Sam, etc.). This will allow me to create the labels and name tags and will help your child feel comfortable when he/she arrives on Tuesday, September 3rd.


    I am looking forward to a very special year with you and your child. With your help and cooperation, it should be a most successful and enriching experience for all!




    Mrs. Karen Rozencwaig