• Follett Destiny Follett Destiny Library System
     Frontline Education Frontline Insights Platform
     Absence Management (formerly AESOP), Professional Growth (formerly MyLearningPlan),
     Recruiting & Hiring (formerly AppliTrack), and IEP (formerly IEP Direct)

     Visit Frontline Login Instructions to learn how to access these systems.
    STI WebReg for Instructors  Frontline WebReg
    for STI Instructors

     Use a different browser than the one that you use for the Frontline Insights Platform.
     Use your WebReg username, e.g. jdoe@scarsdaleschools.webreg, to login.

    G Suite for Education

     G Suite for Education
     Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Calendar, etc.


    Infinite Campus  Infinite Campus

     PTC Wizard can be accessed seamlessly via single sign-on
     through the PTC Wizard menu item in Infinite Campus
     For instructions about PTC Wizard, visit PTC Wizard for Teachers.

    Renaissance STAR  Renaissance STAR

    SMARTS Employee Portal  SMARTS Employee Portal



    SMARTS Web Budget  SMARTS Web Budget


    Staff Directory
    Staff Directory

    TimeClock Plus  TimeClock Plus

     Google Groups Directory Google Groups Directory


    Google Groups Chart  Google Groups Chart