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    Technology Teacher, K-5 


  • At Greenacres School, technology expectations follow the district goals which are based on categories and are correlated to the latest version of the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards. While these expectations do not designate mastery of a particular concept, they do provide a framework for appropriate experiences for all students. In addition to academic expectations for technology use, all students are expected to follow the guidelines of the current Technology Responsible Use Policy that was adopted by the Board in 2018. This policy addresses issues related to social and  ethical uses of technology. Specifically, all students are expected to use technology in a socially and legally responsible manner. 

    The technology expectations at the elementary level are satisfied through collaborative instruction and facilitation provided by elementary computer teachers, classroom teachers, and librarians. The experiences created for students may take place in various environments, such as the computer lab, a classroom or the learning commons. It is the collaboration by the teachers, administration by the community that make rich constructivist learning experiences for our students possible.